REDEFINE |backlight feature by Mar Laza

“There is only one sun. We can’t all claim to only have one way to use the light, but we can REDEFINE how we choose to express it. “


Tell us about what drives your work, How did you get started?

Becoming a mom made me aware of how ephemeral childhood is and that I wanted to keep images of my children for me to enjoy them in the future. I started taking photos with my phone but soon I realized that I wanted to go further. I bought my first camera almost 3 years ago and since then my photographs have evolved to mostly outdoors, especially the beach. I usually prefer to capture them while they don’t know I’m at it. My goal is to capture real moments.

What were the challenges for you shooting backlight?

For me, the main challenges of backlight shooting are exposing and focusing. I don’t usually look for silhouettes and that’s why I usually expose for my subjects but trying not to overexpose the sky to preserve the details on it. Also acquiring focus is sometimes more complicated shooting against the sun.

What draws you to backlight images?

I try to make light to be a part of the composition of the image as one more element. I like the glow effect that the backlight creates on my subjects and especially the warm tones of the backlight photos at sunset. I adore that soft and diffused backlight.

What are the tips you would share with anyone trying to shoot more backlight?

Although it seems obvious, move. If you are not capturing the image quite like imagined in your head, try moving around to capture different perspectives. Changing your position can help you to figures it the best flattering angles for your subjects. Play with speed and aperture parameters until the result convinces you. And I generally use the spot metering. By last I get better results shooting at the golden hour. This light is the softer and the better, to me it´s easier to shoot in it.

What gear do you use?

Most of the time, I shoot with Olympus and Canon mark ii. This is a mirrorless camera with a micro fourth-thirds sized sensor. Usually with fixed 25mm or 17mm 1.8 lens( those gives a field of view similar to a 50mm or 35 mm on a full frame camera). However, I hardly use the 45mm 1.8. This is a very light camera that I can take with me without a problem whenever we go for a walk.



I´m Mar Lázaro a hobbyist photographer from Northern Spain where I live with my husband and three daughters. I love the outdoors and especially the beach and the sea. I found my passion for photography after my children were born. I love photographing them chasing light and going on adventures.





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