DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Feature by Lynda Remus

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Dear Lynda,

Your whole life has been a crazy ride that you have never really taken the time to figure out who you really are. You have been gifted talents that you are just beginning to discover. You’re not even sure where this all came from – nor do you know where this will lead to. All you know if you have this new passion that drives your heart to want to create all things beautiful. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. Take your gift and use it for His glory. Tell stories of love, capture real, raw emotion, capture joy, capture pain, capture the details that you want to always remember, celebrate life through your lens. Be a blessing to others. Enjoy this gift. But wait, don’t forget to capture yourself. Your children need it, your family needs it, you need it. Little do you know, self-discovery and self-love are just around the corner.

Now about that giant camera that you just bought – you will learn how to use it eventually. Study the manual, watch the videos, take the courses, study images, learn to edit, find your style. You will not satisfy everyone, and not everyone will love your work. And that is OK. Keep going. Don’t give up. Capture what makes your heart beat. Break the rules, try new things. Don’t forget to create for yourself. When you get burnt out, take a break. Come back when you are ready.

Most importantly, thank Him for this gift. You finally have something for yourself, something that feeds your soul, something therapeutic. What an enjoyable way to help provide for your family.



Lynda Remus is a lifestyle photographer living in Chicago, IL. She specializes in family photography but does not limit herself to just that. She is a homeschooling mom of 5 and a happy wife to her best friend, Eric. She is an advocate for childhood cancer and a firm believer in the hope and truth of Jesus Christ. She enjoys good quality coffee and all things chocolate.



2 thoughts on “DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER | Feature by Lynda Remus

  1. Lynda Remus, you are truly the greatest photographer i have ever seen. I am truly blessed that you are my grandchildren mither. Live you to pieces. Cristina Matos

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