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To myself, 3 years ago…

hey, there lady,

you finally signed up to learn how to work the intimidating Nikon you’ve had for many years AND you got so hooked you ran out and bought a used, better “big girl camera”. well done! what you haven’t realized yet is that photography will connect you with something much deeper. much richer and more gratifying than anything you have ever done. you will look through your lens and you will see people for who they are. you will see light and shadows and you will mix and match those to create stories.

don’t get frustrated! Rome was not built in a day and you will get rejected. you will let doubt creep in and you will compare yourself to others. just stop. your voice is strong and you are more in control than you think. your art is for you. your voice is yours. use it.

more importantly, photography will bring you closer to yourself. you will listen to the voices inside of you and you will use your art to convey feelings you have surpassed for many years. the lens will be directed at you and you will shine my girl.. you will shine.

keep pushing and keep creating. you are on the verge of something huge. your self-portraiture will be the platform you use to help women take control of their voice. you will be helping them build confidence and shed fear. oh, how excited I am for you.

you’re still scared, I can feel it. but you know what, if it isn’t scary – it isn’t real.

I absolutely cannot wait to see what you achieve. I am your biggest fan.

with undying love,
future Cindy


cindy knight is a portrait artist currently living in st. louis, missouri. she specializes in self portraiture, women’s portraiture and moody, everyday imagery along with travel photography. she, her husband and their eight year old daughter will be relocating to moscow, russia in 2019 where their adventure will continue. 

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  1. Great read! Images are per the usual, fantastic! I’ve been a huge fan of yours for quite some time now.

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