BE INSPIRED Session | Feature by Bex Maini, England photographer

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I lean more towards documentary work but have been trying to give a little more direction so I guess it’s more “documentary lifestyle”. I want to capture real emotions and moments but I want them to happen in the best light and sometimes give a little direction, mainly to the kids, to dance or jump or read a book in the right patch of light and then I record what unravels from that starting point. I LOVE details and often focus in on little things to tell the whole story from a different perspective.

I only started in business in the last year but it’s been on hold for a while after my first few portfolio building sessions while my husband had big work exams (he’s a surgeon) but they’re over as of tomorrow! I’m already raring to go after months of solo parenting our three year old twins which has tired me out and kept me busy while I work my part-time job as a dentist too. The twins are my muses, they’re all over my website. I used to be a landscape and nature photographer and would say “I don’t do people”. Then I had babies! I love this genre now, telling stories through photos and using light to make art out of everyday lives. There’s nothing better than delivering a gallery and hearing amazing comments from clients about how much they love them. You don’t get that after a root canal, even if you have saved a tooth!

What makes you the most nervous during a session?

Getting started. Once I get into the flow, it’s easy, fun and I forget to be nervous, it’s those first moments of taking control and hoping the family will respond to me and enjoy their session that get me anxious. I want so badly for them to enjoy their time with me as well as the images they receive. Luckily I seem to hide my nerves well and as I’m so used to chatting away, I haven’t had any awkward moments yet.

What about this session was most memorable?

I think the end was most memorable, I had planned to leave after bath-time but when I saw them through the door with such genuine tender moments during the bedtime routine, I kept shooting and said I’d keep recording for a bit longer. I love bedtimes, everyone snuggling together for stories and goodnight kisses, these are definitely moments that need to be captured.

Were there any hurdles?

I was struggling a little bit in the bathroom as it was quite a narrow room so finding good angles with the light from the small window was tricky, I was crouched over the toilet at once point! Luckily I had just bought a new, wider lens the day before so quickly switched to that one and climbed. I love the shots from above when daddy was pouring water down for his daughter to play with.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Have fun! I think clients can tell when you’re genuinely having fun yourself and can they sense the passion. It makes them feel confident and they’ll have more fun themselves if they see you enjoying it and having fun with them throughout. And if you get stuck or have a shy child – get everyone bouncing on the bed! That usually works a treat 😉

What is one goal for your business ?

To have my work recognised.  I think the biggest compliment is someone seeing your work and automatically knowing it’s yours.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon D750 and my Sigma Art 35mm 1.4 mostly but I did also love my new Sigma Art 20mm 1.4

I also got a bit creative practicing with a prism for the first time.

Any presets used or hand editing?

My favourite preset is VSCO Fuji 160C but I pretty much always tweak it, I like to add extra contrast and often play around with some other settings to get it just how I like it. For B&W I use Unraveled presets.


Bex is a family photographer based in Sussex, England but grew up in Scotland with epic landscapes all around, igniting her first love in landscape photography after she caught the bug on a solo trip to Australia with a little 3mp compact Casio when she was 22. Now 37, she lives with her husband (and the most-photographed twins ever) in a small village and has an obsession with rainbows and vibrant colours. She’s also a massive foodie with way too many hobbies to list and uses excessive exclamation marks!


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