BE INSPIRED SENIOR SESSION | Feature by Melanie Hodskins Photography

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you

My business is in it’s fifth year. I always measure this by the age of my middle daughter. She was almost 1 when I started. She is now 6, her brother is 7 and my newest love is 8 weeks old.My children are my biggest inspiration. I find myself recreating moments with them and using that in my sessions. So recently I was staring at my son and looking into his eyes and then I looked at my daughters and notice how they look absolutely nothing alike and it brought forth my desire to do several frames of close ups of siblings and focusing on their eyes. I have had so many clients comment after their session on these images and how they never noticed how much their children looked alike until they this image. This is just one instance of how much pay attention to my children and their mannerisms to influence my work.

What makes you the most nervous during a session?

I don’t get super nervous anymore like when I first started. Will I pose them right? Will they like what I have done? Did I take enough images? I mean I was a complete worrier. Now my clients know my work before they book me and I educate them on how a session will run and what to expect.

What about this session was most memorable?

The water was cold! Also she did not want to get her hair wet but she in the end she completely submerged herself for an image we wanted to create.

Were there any hurdles?

There were no hurdles during the session. This was my second session with this senior so she has already met me and knows how I work and equally I know what she likes and that she is confident and trusts my vision and creativity. 

Your best photographer/session advice?

My best advice for other photographers is to find the things that you love, study those things and let them inspire you. The smallest details can become the best images. And do these things consistently. When you get in a rut, take time away from your photography to fall in love with the things that feed your creativity. Don’t ever try to compare your work with other photographer’s work their vision is not your vision.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I am a Nikon lover. This session was shot with my d750 and my 35 Sigma Art


I am a thirty (something) year old living in my hometown of Owensboro, Ky. My husband and I have three terrific children who literally keep my days joyful, Greyson, Charlotte and CJ.

     I am completely obsessed with my family and making new memories with them and this carries over into my photography. I focus on interactions and emotions between each family member. In our sessions there are lots of hugs and snuggles, whispers and laughter. I am able to help you create special moments  and bring forth the natural ones that make your family unique.


3 thoughts on “BE INSPIRED SENIOR SESSION | Feature by Melanie Hodskins Photography

  1. Great images and use of colour.

    There was an important point made here, “Don’t ever try to compare your work with other photographers work”. If something is going to get you down and doubting your ability it’s that. We all have our own vision and if you are trying to achieve someone else’s vision you will never enjoy what you do.

  2. I love those images!!! Amazing work, I really love your editing style. It’s so unique and genuinely you.

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