BE INSPIRED | Feature by Andrea Martin

Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

Photography has been a big part of my life since I received my first Mickey Mouse camera in kindergarten. I decided to turn it into a career when my second child turned 2 (she is now 10 and I have two more kiddos added to the clan). I love creating a story with my images. My favorite thing to capture is children and animals. Some kind of magic happens when you put the two together! I have been married almost 15 years. We have 4 kids, 2 dogs, and lots of other little critters. I shoot full time and enjoy the editing as much as the shooting. I love to see how it all comes together!

What makes you the most nervous during a session?

I am nervous before every session. Its a lot to think about to me. And I know people are saving their hard earned money and are investing in something to have forever. Its a honor to be chosen to capture those moments, and that makes me nervous too.

What about this session was most memorable?

This duck session is my absolute favorite session I have ever done. It was just going to be this sweet red head and the ducks at the lake, but as I was driving to the session location I decided to stop at the dollar store and buy the inner tube ad goggles. I was so hoping the vision in my head would come to life and this time it did…

Were there any hurdles?

Honestly, usually with this type of session there are so many… but for this one I got super lucky. The little girl (Willow) is a farm girl and wasn’t shy or nervous around animals. She followed instructions very well, which is rare for a three year old. Bart *the duck was on point that day. I swear he looks so proud in every shot.

Your best photographer/session advice?

PATIENCE. Never go into a session in a rush. It rarely goes as planned and you have to learn to go with the flow. Also when you are shooting with animals always make sure your aperture is high enough to get both child and animal in focus.

What is one goal for your business ?

I want to start teaching and traveling!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Nikon D750 and the sigma art 35mm 1.4 lens

as well as a $3 inner tube and $1 goggles:)

Any presets used or hand editing?

I use both presets (I love Smal presets by Sven Malojlo) and then I always tweak it in Photoshop with hand edits.

The light was perfect for this session and made editing so easy!


I am a natural light photographer. I live in southern WV but love to travel. My four kids (ranging from ages13-2 years) keep me busy as well as my full-time photography business. I love mentoring and travel. I’m obsessed with all animals and love to incorporate them into my sessions. I love to create pieces of art with my photography. Also coffee. I love coffee:)


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