2019 Showcase Gallery Honorable Mentions

Happy Thursday Friends,

This year’s Showcase Gallery is presented by Persnickety Prints. Their incredible quality and colors are super easy to order. As a photographer, who shoots all inclusive it’s important to me to be able to send my clients towards some great quality prints. They have incredible affordable fine art prints, as well as photo books and everything in between. If you are looking for your next image printing service for your clients check out their incredible selection of options.

It was so tough to narrow down the selections for this year. We had 11 judges weigh in on every image on five different types of criteria. These images are honorable mentions, still completely amazing in their own right. I hope you enjoy browsing through. The Finalist images will be on display at the Elevate + Grow workshop Showcase Gallery at the Peached Social House on September 27, 2019 in Austin, Texas.

Disclaimer : If you are not comfortable with nudity please skip this post.

Anne Hurley

Ashley Kaplan

Cathy Murphy

Autumn Chittum-Vestal

Sophie Palmer

Ashley Martson

Nichole Quinn

Melissa Bissell

Joni Burt

Aly Nickerson

Anna Hurley

Tara Miller

Stephanie Tomlison

Joni Burt

Brooke Lamont

Bethany Shaw

Susannah Bothe

Cindy Knight

Carla Monge

LeAnna Azzolini

Allie Wilson

Hollie Jeakins

Kelly Ward

Melissa Richard

Sarah Maverick

Jessica Wynder

Mandy Pack

Jill Koskelin

Sarah Gupta

Christie Bauer

Mary Beth Johnson

Aimee Glucina

Aimee Glucina

Camille Camacho

Lakshmi Rubini

Lindsey Poole

Helen Dol

Aly Nickerson

Sierra Negron

Aubrey Bahr

Murielle Cascone

Lakshmi Rubini

Sharon Wai

Hollie Jenkins

Hannah Goodson

Anne Hurley

Kimberly Kimble

Brittany DeJesus

Caroline Liabot

Pam Teh

Sarah Wright

Jyotsna Bhamidipati

Adrienne Kantukule

Bex Maini

Chelsea Warren

Saranya Padmanaban

Britney Holden

Marley Felicia

Shannon Douglas

Ashley Marston