DEAR PHOTOGRAPHER featuring Angie Knutson Photography



October 2010

Dear Photographer,

As you lose your 9-5 desk job as a 20-year-old college student not knowing what to do with your future, don’t be afraid to follow what pulls at you. Though you never—in a million years—thought that you would end up in this newborn photography career path as someone who was too afraid to hold your brand new baby niece in the hospital when she was born in 2009. As the years pass, you will find that it IS possible to be your own boss. As you continue into the world of photography, be prepared to want to quit. But don’t. Be aware you will encounter some identity crisis, jealousy and comparison (you know, the thief of joy). You might even want to copy people who are more successful than you. While it may seem okay for a while, eventually it won’t fulfill you to do this. Embrace these things, it will drive you to find your own path, style and worth. It IS possible to be your own boss, but it won’t be easy—no one will be there to push you but yourself. It will sometimes feel lonesome to look at it that way, but you might be lucky enough to make friends in this industry who get it/you, these people are worth their weight in gold.

As you lose your 9-5 desk job, not knowing what to do with your future, you’re about to find extraordinary friendships, clients, and a “job” that sometimes allows you to sleep until 10 am or maybe later but that’s a secret! Hang in there, it’s a pretty fun ride.
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About the Photographer:

I’m Angie. I’m a newborn and family photographer based out of South Eastern Minnesota. I appreciate simplicity, everything beige and golden sunsets. I live for healthy doses of sarcasm, sleeping in and puppies.

I began dipping my toes in photography in 2010 with a Nikon kit. Eventually things snowballed and I somehow found myself to be a Canon girl. I shoot with a 5D Mark iii and a 35L most of the time, the 100L & 135L are also my pals. I began shooting everything that people asked me to and slowly started to focus more on babies and families, weeding out weddings and seniors for the most part…except for the few that sneak through the cracks! Since beginning mentoring this last year, I’ve found that helping others along the way on their own journeys is really where my heart lies.

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