Dear Photographer featuring Dawn Blomquist Photography




I hadn’t been a photographer for even a year when this photo was taken. June 2011

It’s me again. Look at how much you’ve accomplished in the 5 1/2 years that you’ve been a photographer. You’ve grown so much and keep doing your best. For a while (back in 2010), you let the haters get to you. Look at your journey: you’ve grown and have become so much better; they have pretty much stayed the same. You love film, documentary, still life & street photography. You have so many friends who are also photographers; so many friends who are a part of your tribe & want to see you succeed. I definitely had no idea where this journey would take me when I purchased my DSLR in 2010. You are so hard on yourself, but it’s only because you want to be the best you & the best photographer you can be. Know that you’ve come a long way & that’s something to be proud of. Tell the whole world you are a photographer. That’s what you were always meant to be. Don’t let people tell you in order to be successful you have to follow their rules. Follow your own, make your own path & light it on fire. If someone says you can’t do something, prove them wrong & then say to them, “Actually, I can.” 2016 is going to be your year. I can just feel it. Be kinder to yourself, you’re going through a lot in your personal life. Don’t feel too defeated. Remember this: you never let anything stop you & you have people who believe in you & who are cheering you on.

IMG_7654 copy (temptation b&w and matte inspired) flickr copyIMG_7652 copy (temptation b&w and matte inspired) flickr copy12 (Kodak CN B&W)5 (Ilford HP5 flickr)3 (flickr)

About the photographer:

I’ve been a photographer since 2010. I’m a documentary photography and I shoot with a film and digital camera, process in b&w. I homeschool my soon to be teenage son. I currently live in the PNW. My son & I are currently obsessed with Doctor Who.

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