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Guys! It was such a pleasure to be this week’s guest Judge on Dear Photographer’s Facebook page. Moody shadowy light is totally my love language, and you guys sure did deliver the love. It was great seeing some literal and some quite creative takes on the theme, and I’d like to high five all of you and thank you all for being super inspiring.

Okay, so now, let’s dig in and check out a few favourites:

amy shire_amy lucinda photography_again

The way this toddler is, like, killing it on the dance floor; the floppy bunny; the blue sky outdoors: I love it all. And I’m totally in awe with the use of light here, the perfectly exposed window, those deep shadows. High fives, Amy Lucinda Photography.

anita cline_my three sons images,jpg

I loved how Anita took the theme to a bright, sun drenched place. And the way she plays with focus to convey emotion? Well that has me. I mean, is it possible to be moody and joyful at the same time? I dunno, but I love this one from My Three Sons Images.

erin berry

Those life-worn hands. The heavily burned shadows. The way everything is sort of crammed into the frame, well, I like this! It speaks to me of love, tradition, togetherness, and a sort of reverence for experience (and flaky pie crust?) Nice one, Focused Dreamer Photography.

hello olivia photography

Okay, so can we just talk about the rim light here? I mean, lovely, right? I’m not usually one for perfect and pretty, but gosh, Hello Olivia Photography sure did punch me in the gut with this one. It sure is beautiful.

liz deGroff

And this one. I am a sucker for dappled light, forever chasing it in my own work. The lines here, the moodiness, the way the toddler just kind of refuses to look at us. It all gets me. Lovely, Liz DeGroff.


Okay, and finally, this week’s Top Honours goes to Ken Gehring. I mean, come on. This is something. I’ve been thinking about this image for days. The movement, the blur, the way I don’t quite know what’s going on but I am quite sure that it makes me feel something. So, Sir, you got me.

Okay, guys! Thanks for having me here. I really enjoyed hanging out with all of you this week. And if you’d like to say hi, I’d love to connect. You can find me on Facebook and on Instagram where I post as we gallivant around South East Asia (this week Bali!!), and my website is here, if  you’d like a gander. Okay! Thanks again! Bye!

10 Facts with Facebook Guest Judge 11/30-12/6 | That Wild Road Photography


Hiiiiiii. I’m Erica Knecht from That Wild Road Photography. I’m a Canadian lifestyle and documentary photographer based in Jakarta, Indonesia (for now, anyway!). I have two kids, a deep-seated sense of wanderlust, and an unhealthy addiction to corn tortillas.

I shoot most of my professional work on a Canon 6D usually with a 35 mm 1.4 or a 50 mm 1.4 lens. I chase my own kids around with a Fuji X100T or my Canon EOS 1. I’m slowly learning the ropes with my new Hasselblad 500 c/m.

I’m, like, so beyond thrilled to be a guest judge on Dear Photographer Facebook page, so, let’s get out our high fives hands, and make this week awesome, okay?

Oh, if you’d like to connect, here’s my website. You can find me on my Facebook page, or my Instagram.

Ten Fun Facts About Me

1. I’m a nomad and a wanderer. I have lived on three continents, in seven countries, ten cities, and more than a few cow towns.

2. Everyone in my family was born in a different country, and each of those countries has a red and white flag. And I sort of love the symmetry of that fact.

3. I find beauty in chaos and disorder, the unexpected, and the difficult. All of this, I think, is why I think I love living in Jakarta.

4. As the result of spending the majority of my adult life in Asia, I believe that coconut rice and spicy tempeh are legit breakfast foods.

5. Yet my Western food habits die hard, and I return from every trip home with a suitcase packed full of peanut butter, heirloom beans, pork products various and sundry, and stacks of corn tortillas.

6. I’m married to a chef, and yeah, he cooks at home about twice a year.

7. I’m like, allergic to winter. (Which might tell you something about why I left my home and native land.)

8. My life skills are questionable at best. I’ve, on more than one occasion, made it part way to a shoot only to realise I’ve forgotten my camera.

9. I almost always ride to my shoots on the back of a motorcycle taxi. It’s part of my process, I think.😉 (Also it’s the only reliable way to get around this crazy congested city.)

10. I’m in love with shadows and dappled light, those places of tension where dark becomes bright are my obsession.



dear photographer_guest judge_erica knecht

So excited to see what you post!!