Dear Photographer featuring Jessica Byrum Photography



Dear former self,

Your photographic journey has not been an easy one. There have been lots of “breaks” and downtime. But you never gave up. Your first camera wasn’t even a DSLR, but you made it work. This image, taken in 2011, was with your first DSLR, the Canon Rebel T3i with kit 18-55mm lens, and she was your baby.


After that, you moved for work and didn’t really pick up your camera for almost 3 years. But then, when you and your husband moved into your first home with your 6 month old Harper, you saw the light… literally.

You fell in love with documentary photography. You captured every little moment, from naps, to baths, to playing in cupboards. You found your passion.

And you became unstoppable.

You wish that every family had photographs like those you take of your kids. They are honest, raw, and emotional. And the work you do for clients, it’s special and it’s unique, and you’re getting better every day.

You still have moments of doubt, we all do. There are days when it would be easier to give up and just be a SAHM of 2 (almost 3) babies, but you need photography. It completes you, and with every image you share a piece of yourself with everyone who sees it..and your children will cherish every little piece of you in every image forever.

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About the photographer:

I’m a wife to one, mother to 2 (almost 3), self-titled comedian and foodie. I’m a self-taught, rule-breaking, light loving, capturer of the every day. My kids are my world (and my subjects 90% of the time). When I’m not shooting my kids (that’s still always awkward to say), I love to capture love. Pregnant mamas, brand new babies, and head-over-heels in love couples.

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