Hey guys! So if you’re like us here at DP,  then at some point or another you’ve come across artists sharing their amazing experiences with IPS (IN PERSON SALES). One of those Artists,  that not only moves us with her creativity and amazing photography skills, but also pleasantly surprises us with her GIF ability is LAUREN GRAYSON . She is a huge advocate for IPS, that she created this insanely kick ass guide in a PDF form. It is jammed packed with information! and she’s giving one away for our Instagram community! Stick around to the end of this blog post to enter to win. If you want to learn all about the art of selling your amazing photography and products this guide is for you.

find her work + fb group below.

F B  G R O U P  


B U Y  H E R E


So when you win you’re amazing IPS guide and you’re ready to meet with a client, why not wear our next item in the giveaway! from Strawberry Revolution.  Believe us, you need this amazing Tee in your life.

Strawberry Revolution came to life when Michelle Thompson, a family and newborn photographer,  created the perfect tie-back headband to wear during her studio sessions (hence the name “Studio Tie-back”). In April of 2014 the STUDIO TIE-BACK™ was released to the public and ever since then, they have been flying off the shelves and have become the new MUST HAVE Stay-put headband!

Since then, they’ve added two more “stay-put” headband styles and a plethora of other fun and witty Lady Boss apparel and gifts to their shop!

Being accustomed to and experienced with all things photography, you’ll see a lot of photog related products on their site, but they have something for every woman! From the largest selection of Photographer Swag in the world – to coffee lovers and sports mom’s dream apparel.



B U Y  H E R E 

And last but not least,  raise your hand if you are a lover of all things tangible. If you are then you’re in for a treat. Erin Hensley or as we like to call her ” light queen” made an amazing light guide, ready to be printed via blurb.com. So we are giving away a soft cover copy! 12717667_996870647051040_3422685489985214509_n

About this product; A guide consisting of the twelve types of light covered in The 2016 Finding the Light Project. From quiet light to monochromatic light, Erin covers several types of light, focusing on how light naturally sets the mood in our photographs. Erin emphasizes that letting light set the tone will make your work naturally cohesive. Crossing our fingers it makes its way onto your hands!


 Lauren Grayson IPS guide , Strawberry Revolution tee, and the light guide


Yes, we are still celebrating! In small increments, of course, to give voice to all the amazing products we are giving away! We are very excited to share today’s giveaway. We have the amazing TWYLA JONES + PIC-TIME  sharing some goodies with us! read a little about these amazing products and sign up to win both! at the same time.

WahhhhhT ? 

Yes. you heard right, win both at the same damn time.

T W Y L A  J O N E S  P R E S E T S 


Many photographers go to TWYLA JONES struggling with their editing style and consistency. Whether you are a beginner or professional photographer, presets are not only time efficient but they can be the perfect finishing touch on your images to emulate a specific look.

You have the opportunity to stream line your work with this bundle set that includes Twyla Jones 8 color presets + 6 black and white presets.

B U Y  H E R E 

P I C – T I M E  


Pic-Time offers a fresh and thoughtful approach to online galleries. with a unique client store offering products such as Albums, Frames, Greeting Cards, Prints and more straight from the gallery. Pic-Time is where clean lines meet fine mechanics.

We view Photographers as both artists and business owners with individual needs. At Pic-Time the visual and the technical come together creating intuitive tools for efficiency, design and business growth. Offering the newest automated features within our store and a marketing platform that takes client communication to the next level. We help photographers boost sales through customized and scheduled email campaigns and a variety of coupon options.

Technologie doesn’t always come easy, that’s why we are present and available for our users. We offer live chat support for both photographers and their clients. Whether they need guidance setting up their first gallery or designing an album we’re always within reach. This key tool helps us stay connected with our community and allows us to continually build our system around the needs of photographers.

Professional photography is constantly evolving and changing. We are here to be on the cutting edge of it in both style and technology, and create a workspace for the best communication Built on supporting the art of unforgettable memories and turning them into tangible objects  and to support the art of making unforgettable memories and turning them into tangible objects

B U Y  H E R E 

 W I N   B O T H   H E R E