Be Inspired Session featuring Ninja + Sox Photography


Is this personal work/client work?
This is personal work of my children Keira (age 3) and Knox (age 2). I like to try out locations and times of day with my family before I suggest them to my clients.

What about this session was most memorable?
I had been wanting to shoot in this location for months, but couldn’t seem to get the elements just right. This was also the first times in months I was able to get my son to smile! My daughter to not smile and looked directly at me- something we’re been working on for a while as well. Inspired by Celeste Jones’ breakout Soulful from ClickinMoms. I was working on soulful and deep and felt joy in achieving this with my daughter.

Where there any hurdles?
Keira was three-years-old here and it’s not necessarily second nature to look serious in front of her mother’s camera. Since I shoot documentary and lifestyle I give her little to no direction. For this, I all but posed her and it was difficult for us both. Keira is my sweet and silly girl who gives me a range of emotions, but almost never serious or thoughtfully calm.

Your best photographer/session advice?
I am a children’s lifestyle and documentary photographer, for me and to anyone who shoots some of the things I do my very best advice is to know who’s in charge. It is my strong belief that a session only goes well and ends beautifully if the child/ren are happy, they are in charge of my sessions, you want gorgeous art and showcase worth images- let the kiddos be kiddos, they’ll shine just for you!

What gear was used to achieve these?
I was using a borrowed Canon Rebel t3i. My camera was out of commission and my best friend was kind enough to allow me to borrow hers. I keep my 50mm 1.4 on the body of my camera and thankfully my girl friend is also a Canon shooter.

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About the photographer:

Lexi Green, Ninja + Sox Photography

Children’s lifestyle and documentary photographer
Denver, CO
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