REDEFINE | birth photography featuring Chinelle Rojas of Dear Little One

The challenge, which is still actually a challenge, is convincing people that birth photography is worth the investment and that it’s not actually about the crotch shot. When I share what I do, I’m often met with faces of confusion and borderline disgust as they visualize me with my camera aimed at woman’s vagina with a crowning baby emerging. 95% of the time, that is NOT what I do.

I knew that births were where I wanted to be when I had the opportunity to capture the birth of a clients’ first child. For me, my first child’s birth is only a faint memory with bits and pieces missing. I captured for them what I didn’t have and that was, and remains, something very special to me. When I advocate for birth, I have the experience of the regret of NOT having a birth documented to speak on and it helps.

REDEFINE | Birth photography feature by Angie Klaus Photography

irth can be unpredictable. When things don’t go quite as a family hoped they would, I feel a special calling to piece together the moments in order to create the most uplifting, yet authentic story that I can to honor that birth journey. I am often texting back and forth with my clients in the weeks after they view their birth stories, helping them process the events and reconfirming to them how strong they were and sharing all the ways that I can validate their birth experience.