The traveling Lensbaby project | Kimberli Fredericks

The traveling Lensbaby project | Kimberli Fredericks
What is one thing about your photos that says the most about you as a person. Dig deep!

I think my photos say I’m a mess, and that’s okay!! Really, aren’t we all? I’m a bit whimsical in nature, and I want my images to portray life as it is- but also the amazing magic that is always a part of life, but we don’t always feel or pay attention to. I’m not sure I always accomplish this, but it’s my hope that sometimes I do.

Can you tell us a little bit about the process you’ve gone through (or that you are going through) to find your photographic style? How has it evolved over the years?

I started with my DSLR almost 6 years ago, and it took me until last year to settle into a style that felt like me. I remember being obsessed with needing a long lens and only wanting creamy bokeh and completely out-of-focus backgrounds. Now I shoot most of the time at 24mm or 35mm, and that’s my love! I never shoot longer than 75mm. I’m always transforming though, and I feel that if we aren’t, we aren’t growing. Trying new things and FAILING at them is a huge part of the journey. My editing style is always changing, and sometimes it feels like I fall flat on my face with it. I LOVE trying new creative techniques and tools, and seeing what I get. My favorite thing is to imagine a feeling I want in an image, and to combine techniques, tools, and lighting styles together in a random mix to see what I get. This is FUN and it is so freeing to shoot and see what you end up with, no pressure involved.

What Lensbaby lenses have you shot with before? How have they transformed your work?

I used to own a Composer Pro and Sweet 35, in my early days as a photographer. I didn’t use them a whole lot because at that place in my journey, I wasn’t sure where they fit in. But what they did do was allow me the courage to try different things and to learn to sit back and see what happened! They opened up a desire to experiment, and that permeates everything I do. This Twist 60 was so fun, and the creative aspect is awesome!!! I took what is probably my favorite shot ever with it! I also definitely need to get my hands on an Edge 80 to try out that awesomeness.

Why is it important that photographers not get too fixed in their ways? What makes experimentation so crucial to an artist’s growth?

This is why I said above, if we aren’t failing, we aren’t growing. Being fixed means we’re missing out on the opportunity for growth, and for our path to go places we didn’t expect. When we experiment, we learn what works for us, and also what doesn’t. And that’s okay! Not everything has to be our cup of tea. But experimenting unlocks new doors to be awesome in ways we never expected to be.



Kim is a lifestyle photographer living in the midwest- way too far away from any ocean or mountains for comfort. She spends her days searching out sources of caffeine while attempting to survive her three wild kids and trying to keep up with her very busy husband and his never-ending projects. You’ll find her chasing kids and light, reheating coffee, and praying for a little bit of quiet and a whole lot of sleep!

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One thing I didn’t want to do was to get behind on posting these. My reasons are the following ;

  1. this is my favorite group and they deserve better.
  2.  so much goes into self-portraits and feelings need to be fresh.

July is my birthday month, and this summer has been a hell of a lot to manage. We’re currently sitting on short, chilly fall October days. I am able to be a bit more focused. But I am a true believer that you make time for the things that are important to you, so posting these, should be at the top of my priority list. Coincidentally that is what you need to do to make sure you set a little time a week to sit in front of the camera. All I have to say is thank you for continuing on this self-portrait journey with me.


Words by Adri De La Cruz


“I see myself through others eyes and I am made anew.” 
― Molly Moore



ADRI DE LA CRUZ chicago newborn photographer (1 of 1).jpgERIN BROOKS IMG_0383


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KERLYN VAN GELDER Kerlyn-Van-Gelder-Photography-Corpus-Christi-Photographer01




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Dear Photographer feature by Ashley Essig of Ashley Nicole Photography

Dear Photographer feature by Ashley Essig of Ashley Nicole Photography
CIRCA 2011
Dear Photographer,
You started into photography to capture your kids as they grew and it quickly turned into a means to provide for your family.  I implore you to not get lost in that demand for provision… keep capturing the little details of your children that are so fleeting… shoot for your soul… for the art that you imagine in your heart.  travel with this gift, using it to give back in any way that you can.  help where there is need.  love fully.  allow the creative side of you loose so that you can grow as an artist.
Allow yourself the freedom to break the rules…. not just the rules of photography, but the rules of what you think people want to see…. shoot what makes your heart beat.  shoot the little things, the curls flowing in the wind, the hand being held, the moments that are less than posed… the moments that are a tender remembrance of a time quickly passed… the moments that you want to remember of your own family…. don’t be afraid to let your own heart shine through your work.  I know it’s hard to shoot that way when so much is riding on your career, but trust me, people will see something unique in your work and come anyway… and they will stay because of your heart.
lastly, remember that your family needs you… show them your passion and they will follow.  get in the frame.  let them see you there too.


Ashley Essig is a lifestyle and documentary photographer based in the South. She spent her first few years working to find her style and what set her apart as an artist..since then, she has become known for her lifestyle / photojournalistic and detail driven work. Her love of light and details lend her work to capturing the natural connections, watching families just being real with each other. Ashley has spent this year participating in a 52-week self-portrait project that has transformed her idea of self-beauty and love…. She lives in Columbia, South Caroline with her husband and 4 children, who tend to be her muses in most of her personal work!


11/ 31 EPIC SUMMER SESSIONS |Feature by Amanda Hall Photography

11/ 31 EPIC SUMMER SESSIONS |Feature by Amanda Hall Photography


Is this session personal work or client work?

This session was a mixture of personal and client, as this is one of my best friends and her daughter. Their session was a gift.

Tell us a bit about the magic of summer + the connection to your lens?

I love summer – the colors, lack of clothes, dirt everywhere, finding every excuse to get wet. Capturing all of that is my happy place!

What about this session makes it an Epic summer session?

This was my first time shooting in a creek after yearning to for quite awhile. I loved just following this momma and daughter around. Watching them explore, hearing their laughter, seeing such tenderness all while stomping around in a creek – to me that is the epitome of summer-filled good time.

What else is on your summer bucket list to photograph this summer?

Naked feet, puddles, devouring watermelon, kites being flown, bonfires, camping… Really, my list just doesn’t end. Give me all of summer

What gear was used to achieve these?

I was using a Nikon D750 and was using my Nikon 35mm 1.4 for these images.

Any summer tips or photographer advice?

Goodness, I still have so much to learn! Me give advice?! LOL I guess something that I keep telling myself is to keep pushing and shooting. And enjoy it all while doing so! Oh, and get a DiCAPac cause it rocks!




Hello! I’m a wife, momma, and daughter lovin’ life here in the Midwest. A follow-your-gut, listen-to-your-heart, dance-to-your-own-beat lady who thinks nothing of new and wild adventures. Nothing puts me more in awe or sends my love overflowing more than witnessing our boys’ explore all that life has to give while loving on each other and my hubs and I. Volunteering makes my soul sing and feel complete in a way that nothing else ever has. I truly believe it takes a village to raise babies and I am so thankful for my parents, in-laws, adopted U.K. family, and my community of amazing mommas both near and far. My friends are gifts and chosen family members. I’m still my Dad’s Sunshine and my mom is one of my best friends. My husband is the very best man I’ve ever known, who tells me he loves me all day through and makes our life laughter-filled. I love grass beneath my bare feet, bonfires on a cool night, fishing in early misty mornings, road trips, playing card games, and family dance parties. To be honest, there isn’t much I don’t love.

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The traveling LENSBABY project | Sandy Fales , Wild Prairie Photography

The traveling LENSBABY project | Sandy Fales , Wild Prairie Photography
DSC_0479What is one thing about your photos that says the most about you as a person. Dig deep!

I think the one thing my photos say about me, as a person, is that I want the people that I meet to be themselves because, for the most part, do the same. I wear my emotions on my sleeve. When I photograph, I want to capture that same feeling from the image. When I am in photographer mode, I am still me. I still talk and interact with others as I would normally do. Only in these moments, I click that shutter to document what emotions unfold. I would hope my photographs would tell the world that I am okay with raw emotion; in whatever form that takes.


Can you tell us a little bit about the process you’ve gone through (or that you are going through) to find your photographic style? How has it evolved over the years?

To be honest, I am not sure what my photographic style is. I know that I like to capture the real moments. I will more often than not cull a photo that another photographer would keep. I don’t like straight on smiling images unless it has another element to it as well. I have to feel a connection in the photo or it goes in the trash. Maybe that is my style. It could technically be a great image, but if I don’t feel something when I look at it, it goes. I think that is why I have never gotten into studio work or artificial lighting. I totally understand and get why those are elements are important in some instances but, for me, I think I would lose something in the process of doing those things. I need to be in the groove for me to love the images I take. I am a minimalist person by nature and I think that carries through to my photographic style.


What Lensbaby lenses have you shot with before? How have they transformed your work?

This was the first time I have shot with a Lensbaby! I thought the lens was wicked cool though I did get frustrated because I am not the best at manual focus. I also like to shoot at a pretty wide open aperture, so that further complicated focusing for me. I think if I owned this lens, and had a chance to work it on a long term basis, I would get the hang of it and would no doubt be in love. The swirl it gives the bokeh is pretty amazing and unique in itself. I would like to try other Lensbaby lens in the near future and see how they could add to the dimension of my images.


Why is it important that photographers not get too fixed in their ways? What makes experimentation so crucial to an artist’s growth?

What’s that old saying? “Don’t knock it ‘till you try it”. For me, change is eternally difficult. I get nervous, I second guess myself, I don’t like it. However, I know that change is a necessary part of growth and exploration. If we never take chances or risks, we will never discover the ‘could have beens’ in our lives. To think that you could never do better is probably the biggest travesty you could serve yourself. You must continually strive to do better, to be better, to break molds, kick ass and take names. That is what makes life an adventure. This is no different for photography. To grow, change must occur; that is a given. Allow it to come in, sit down and stay a while. All the while, you know that this season is not static. So instead of fighting these changes, embrace them. You never know what you might find at the other end. This is how we grow. We allow those changes to happen and we welcome them with grace.


I know that change is a necessary part of growth and exploration. If we never take chances or risks, we will never discover the ‘could have beens’ in our lives.



Hello My name is Sandy Fales, and I am the face behind the camera at Wild Prairie Photography . I am a recent transplant to beautiful Colorado Springs. I love it here. The mountains, the air, the people..everything. It is truly where my heart lays. I moved here from a cattle ranch in Nebraska where I lived for five years. I started my life over and made my new home in a place where I felt welcomed and happy. My journey has not been easy and I am thankful for everyday U have my two sweet babes. Never let yesterday fill up today and always be the change you wish to see in the world are the things i try to live by.

When I’m not getting down in nature, I love chasing my two tiny people around and catching those little moments we have together on film. Photography is in my soul and I hope to be able to share that with you and your family.