BE INSPIRED Session featuring Kristen Koppers Photography


Is this personal or client work ?

This sweet family of five traveled from Long Island to see me in Western NY… they live on the complete opposite side of the state.  They come up this way each summer to visit family and so mom contacted me to ask if I had any openings.  I knew from her bubbly email that they would be a fun bunch and they certainly didn’t disappoint… I even got snuggles from the littles and a silly selfie with these three cuties.  If that doesn’t make for a great session, then I don’t know what does!

What about this session was most memorable?

This family was the sweetest family, like pour the sugar on kinda sweet. Their genuine love, little smiles, excitement and snuggles they gave (even to me) made my heart swell to be able to capture it for them.  Moments with little ones are fleeting, these three babes are the same ages as my own boys… those golden ages where smiles are plenty, snuggles are so, so good and as a momma you want to stop the world for a second and take it all in.  I love that – for a couple hours I get to stop the world and capture these moments that just won’t come again.  

Where there any hurdles?

These sweet people were so easy going and fun.  Like any photographer the hardest part is finding and using the light- it moves constantly and so we move constantly during the session.  Being mindful of light, posing, interactions and capturing it all is a challenge I never get tired of!

Your best photographer/session advice?

I firmly believe that a session is not just about the images a photographer produces but about the experience of it all.  I work hard to make my clients feel at ease, like we are old friends catching up.  We walk and talk a bit before each session (well, I talk a lot whole session) and I love that it gives me a chance to get to know them, to let that shy baby see my face without a camera in front of it, to find out about the kids favorite sports or TV shows or books, to ask dad about his job and his interests so he too feels a bit less anxious and to tell mom she is a rock star for getting all of them ready and out the door to the session (we all know that is the hardest part of any session.)  Truly, in making these types of connections I am able to get my clients to connect when the camera comes out. They feel comfortable being themselves and for me that’s my jam.  I also believe in being mindful of everything- the light moving across the sky, the placement of hands, he mood of each of kids, the subtle interactions that are happening all around..good things come when you pay attention to the details.  

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 5d Mark iii and 35L

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About the photographer: 

I am a Rochester, NY based photographer.  I am also a full time elementary teacher/technology coach and a mom to 3 of the best little guys in the world (and I am married to a great guy, too). I love all sports, coffee, warm sunshine, the salty beach and diet coke–bottled only. My most favorite sessions are hands down family sessions because they always remind me the world is full of love and the little people in front of my camera are full of so much promise <3

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