REDEFINE | birth photography featuring Chinelle Rojas of Dear Little One

The challenge, which is still actually a challenge, is convincing people that birth photography is worth the investment and that it’s not actually about the crotch shot. When I share what I do, I’m often met with faces of confusion and borderline disgust as they visualize me with my camera aimed at woman’s vagina with a crowning baby emerging. 95% of the time, that is NOT what I do.

I knew that births were where I wanted to be when I had the opportunity to capture the birth of a clients’ first child. For me, my first child’s birth is only a faint memory with bits and pieces missing. I captured for them what I didn’t have and that was, and remains, something very special to me. When I advocate for birth, I have the experience of the regret of NOT having a birth documented to speak on and it helps.