BE INSPIRED | Session featuring Kelsey Smith Photography



Is this personal work or client work?

This session was for a gorgeous client and her family.

What about this session was most memorable?

That light! I also seem to remember laughing more than normal. The combination of an effortlessly adorable family and perfect golden hour light make this one of my favorite sessions to date.

Were there any hurdles?

My biggest hurdle for any session is capturing how the family naturally interacts while still giving them images they adore. The kids are usually the hardest to tap into immediately. I’m not above making a fool out of myself to get kids to smile.

What is your best photographer/session advice?

Have fun. Be fun. Make the session enjoyable for everyone involved. Be sensitive to the little ones’ emotions. Sometimes, you have to earn their trust first before they give you the best giggles. My clients always end up as friends. I can’t help it. I love working with them and I love what I do. If all else fails, I put the whole family together and tell them to sniff each other. Trust me, this works!

What gear was used to achieve these?

I have a Nikon D750 with a 70-200mm, 35mm, 50mm and 85mm. I’m mildly obsessed with my 70-200mm at the moment.

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About the photographer:

I am a San Diego based lifestyle, maternity, newborn and family photographer. Though with the restoration of our vintage trailer, I am ready to pack up and serve all of Southern California. Can you tell I used to be a bit of a wanderer? My husband, two boys, and pups keep me grounded now but you will always find us on an adventure. I have a serious addiction to the golden hour and a decent margarita. I live at the beach. You can find me at my happiest when I am with my little family.

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