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Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

I live for in-home lifestyle sessions. I love walking into a new space, a space that two people have created together, where they share their laughter, their tears and their most sacred moments. While I do photograph outdoor sessions often, there is just something about being in my clients homes that gives me insight into their energy and personalities. It also lends itself to a more natural flow to our session, as they are relaxed and often times get lost in each other and forget I’m there.

I have been full-time in my business for almost twelve years now, but I started working in photography almost 20 years ago. It has been a complete love affair and obsession for over half of my life and every day is new for me, meeting new clients or pursuing new ideas.

I’m happiest when I’m outside, listening to the birds sing, watching my boys run around, or planting flowers and digging in the dirt. I love design, print and interior. I’m constantly changing the decor in my home, if I can sneak it past my graphic designer husband who is frustratingly opinionated. I’m a huge animal lover and am stoked when a family asks to include their pets in our sessions.

What about this session was most memorable?
This couple has spent the majority of their engagement apart due to work and school. During our phone consultation we spoke about their relationship and how precious their little time together is. They’re very affectionate, as you can see, and we really wanted that to be the focus of this session.

Were there any hurdles?

The apartment he is staying in is full of rented furniture and not exactly their style. I saw it as a challenge and an opportunity to focus on their connection instead of their things. I think it made it all the better for me, I LOVE a challenge!!

Your best photographer/session advice?

I always have the same advice, be open. Walk into any session the way you would walk into any new relationship, open mind and open heart. An honest connection with your client will allow you to create the images that speak the most, not only to them, but to you. It’s not always about achieving your vision!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Mark iii, 35 mm 1.4



I live in San Antonio, TX with my husband of twelve years, our two boys and our rescue dog, Bear. I was lucky enough to know that art was the only path for my life at an early age and have been pursuing photography as a job with as much passion as I had at 17. I adore people, connections and relationships as much as I love this art and am forever grateful to the families who choose me.



Dear Photographer feature by Jodi Lynn Photography

Dear Photographer feature by Jodi Lynn Photography





Image CIRCA 2012


Dearest Jodi Lynn,

You truly have a heart of gold and are gifted at seeing families from the outside in and giving them true treasures they will cherish for a lifetime. I hope you always see that inherent beauty in the world and help others see it too. Sometimes you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and I hope you learn to realize that the sun truly does indeed rise each day. Each day offers you a renewed sense of wonder, hope and possibility. Keep following your heart and stay true to your art and you will always feel that comfort and sense of peace in showing truth, grace and love. It’s okay to be vulnerable at times, to acknowledge bumps in the road, pain, uncertainty; feeling lost and wanting true clarity. The path of an Artist often serves self doubt, and each journey on this road brings you closer to yourself, your own accomplishments and overcoming insecurities. Photography gives you such a tremendous and beautiful platform to express yourself, don’t forget that. Stay true to your goals of showing people the true hope and love in their worlds, for this will be your greatest gift to others. The ability to help others see their own lives as something true and beautiful. And, like all the woman before you and all those after you, that opportunity to illustrate that we are all truly one and connected. That we all have such cherished gifts to offer.



About the Photographer :

Jodi Lynn is a lifestyle family photographer in Northern California who aims to document love and truth. Her love affair with photography bloomed when she began documenting her growing family after the birth of her second son almost 9 years ago. She wanted to capture her own family’s life unfolding…the laughter, the joy, the love, the fear and everything in between. A few years later and after the birth of her daughter and third child, Jodi realized photography was something she felt a calling towards, something that truly felt like home. She left a career in elementary education to focus on this tremendous gift she wanted to share with the world. Jodi Lynn has spent the last four years learning all she can about photography and shooting every chance she can get, her own children being her greatest muses. She challenges herself to grow as an Artist and find the true magic in the families she captures; to showcase those real moments that are uniquely theirs. She aims to provide authentic, emotive, joyful and timeless family heirlooms….capturing her subjects lives as something true and beautiful. Jodi has been featured on Lookslikefilm and Lemonade + Lenses and was a Rangefinder Magazine’s 2016 Portrait Winner as well as a finalist in the Shoot + Share contest in 2016.
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xo ♥ Jodi


BE INSPIRED Session Featuring Blushing Red Photography


Is this your personal work or client work?

This session was client work.

What about this session was most memorable?

I would have to say this beautiful child. She was not only one of the most gorgeous little girls i have ever seen, but she was SO happy. Like genuinely happy. She just kept laughing and smiling at me and it made me feel so happy. Also the love that this little family had for one another. The chemistry between mom and dad was REAL.

Were there any hurdles?

YES. My beloved Sigma art 35 decided to stop working in the middle of this session. Right when we were getting really into the swing of the session! Thank goodness I had my second most beloved lens, my Sigma Art 50!

Your best photographer advice/session advice?

I would say just don’t get too caught up on getting the “perfect cookie cutter shot” –  you want to capture the little details that make the clients who they are. Like a mom wiping tears from her overly tired toddlers cheeks, or the joy of a child running around in summer. Even if its not “technically perfect” – real raw moments, those are the moments that the family will cherish forever.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon Mark 5d ii and Sigma Art 35 & 50.


About the photographer:

Blushing Red Photography is based in Akron Ohio. I am a natural light lifestyle photographer. I recently quit my nursing career to pursue my passion full time! I have two beautiful boys and an amazing husband who supports me every step of the way! I love creating these real raw moments, and really create a fun easy environment for my clients! I shoot everything from love stories, babies even boudoir! But I specialize in families and women’s portraiture. I also aspire to be a traveling photographer and explore the world doing what I love.

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BE INSPIRED Session featuring Meysenburg Photography


Is this personal work or client work?

This was kind of both. This mother is a friend who wanted me to do a motherhood session so very much.  We ended up trading artwork her husband painted for this session.  So it really allowed me the freedom I was craving.

What about this session was most memorable?

I think what was most memorable about this session, is how much this mother loves her children!  I had her fill out a questionnaire prior to the session, which is the best preparation I can have as a photographer and with my own process.  Through her answers, I realized that her love is not a one size fits all kind of love.  And she has five children. It would be easy for that to be the case. I realized very quickly her bond with each child was profoundly different from one another. Beautifully so.  And inspirationally so.  That right there was instant inspiration.  I realized I wanted to document her with each child, and for it to be deeply authentic to their own connection.  I absolutely wanted there to be movement. Constant movement to allow for authentic gesture and to allow for true quiet moments of catching their breath and breathing together. There were quiet moments.  There were loud and chaotic moments.  There was endless laughter.  It was a messy, lets do this on your lunch break with all five kiddos and see what we come up with kind of session.  That turned out to be the most meaningful work I’ve ever shot.

Where there any hurdles?

The greatest hurdles were finding the sweetest lighting scenarios quickly and getting five kiddos in order and in the vicinity of the best light possible.  Thank goodness they had plenty of options for good light.  I finally focused on the master bedroom window light.  I asked that their mattress be pushed up next to the window prior to the shoot dressed with white sheets.  I love the connections created throwing pillows on the bed, nursing, and snuggling with mama.

Give us your best photographer/session advice.

For indoor sessions, I like to plan them over the lunch hour.  Anywhere from 11am-2pm.  That gives me the most options for even light.  And I find that even though I’m drawn to the rooms where the sun is touching them the most, the softest light opposite the sun during the middle of the day, creates the most flattering images for my style.  Secondly, and most importantly, I completely relax when I shoot.  Up until the moment I walk in, I may have some anxious energy deciding how I want to shoot and the story I want to tell.  But as soon as I walk in that door, I let it go.  I almost completely go blank in my mind.  And feel the images that are to come.  I’ve already prepped and planned in my mind for days.  Now, I am completely present. No matter what happens, it’s fine.  No matter what doesn’t go as I’ve asked, it’s fine.  Is there a crying baby? It’s fine.  Snuggle up to mama and nurse.  By the way, there was no crying baby.  This one was happy as could be.  Is there a little that wants nothing to do with getting up on the bed, and only wants to throw pillows at the photographer? That’s perfect! 🙂 I won’t push. I just embrace each and every moment like they were meant to be. Truly present. That is my best advice.

What gear was used to achieve these?

I shot with my Nikon D4, 35mm f/1.4 Nikon lens.

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About the photographer:
Hi there, I’m Bethany. Kansas family and wedding photographer. I started my business 12 years ago but I have to say, every year it feels brand new and exciting. Most days you can find me in skinny jeans and a comfy oversized sweater, looking for my cold cup of coffee and doing the mama daily. I am mostly known for being a home body alongside my handsome hubby and two boys. I’m a lover of nature, comfort food, and my boys’ laughter.  I love serving the world by showing mothers they are making a difference in the lives of their tribe. That all of their loving is not in vain. The things I am most passionate about in life are my faith, my family, my work, and waking up slow.

Home Is Where Your Heart Is featuring Always Matilda Photography


Walking into a client’s home and documenting their family makes me SO nervous.  To me, a home is a sacred space, it is where a family should feel safe and comfortable and protected.  When families allow me to come into that space and document the every day of their lives, it’s like inviting me into their family, and I take that responsibility heavily.


The moments that I capture are the moments that I know I wouldn’t want to forget.  Something simple like my kids’ first room, or their big kid bed, or the way their hair shines in the sun.


I like to pull kids away and just let them do their thing, I want to see their authentic personalities in the photos.


Following the kids around also helps get honesty from them.  Rather than directing and posing, allowing them to lead the way makes my images feel organic and I thrive on that.


Of course, I always like to include images of the entire family, with everyone looking and smiling, but I much prefer the breath of fresh air in between those images.


authentic • organic • honest
what more could I ask for?  Home is, after all, where our story begins.


REDEFINE | FILM PHOTOGRAPHY featuring Maria Manco Photography


“There is only one sun. We can’t all claim to only have one way to use the light, but we can REDEFINE how we choose to express it. “

Why are you passionate about film photography?
In a world where everything is instant I love having the delayed gratification of waiting for my film to be developed and scanned to see my results. Film has made me SLOW down, really wait for the moment and be intentional with what I shoot and when I click the shutter. Most importantly, I feel like film has given me my life back. Because I am not spending hours on my computer culling and editing 100s of photos at a time, I have time to do the other things I love to do – read, exercise, SLEEP!, and most importantly, be more present with my kids.

When did your love for film start, before or after digital?
After. I started film photography this past May and fell madly in love with it.

What are the tips you would share with anyone trying to start shooting film?
From the get-go, before I even shot my first roll, I signed up for the Embrace the Grain workshop. It gave me the solid foundation needed to hit the ground running and minimize my mistakes. I really recommend taking a class or getting a lesson from another photographer from the very beginning. There is a lot to figure out with film and it can seem foreign and difficult at first, but once you start you realize it’s not as bad as you initially thought.

What were the challenges for you in the beginning?
Slowing down. With digital it is so easy to shoot hundreds of photos of one session or family outing. I would even easily shoot 20-30 photos of my kids coloring in one sitting. With film you need to plan out your shot, think though your settings, your composition, and wait for the right moment. You don’t want to take multiple photos of the same scene, that is wasting money and makes for a boring scan day. You need to get used to taking one or two shots and putting the camera down.

390860010033mariamanco_dearphotog_1 mariamanco_dearphotog_2 mariamanco_dearphotog_4 mariamanco_dearphotog_6 mariamanco_dearphotog_8 mariamanco_dearphotog_12

About the photographer:
I am a natural light lifestyle photographer in Cleveland, Ohio. I am a stay-at-home who found my passion for photography after my first child was born 5 years ago. I love capturing the every day moments and connections of family and home.

BE INSPIRED Session featuring Linn Marlen Photography

Is this personal work or client work ?
This was personal work. I will be taking on clients in the near future, but for now all my work is personal.
What about this session was most memorable?
My little girl decided she wanted nothing to do with pictures and just wanted to play in the dirt. When I saw her happily playing in the corner of my eye, I turned and caught a few candid images of her. I am constantly reminded to let go of my expectations and go with the flow. Often the best pictures happen this way. I love the happy little surprise of the heart.
Where there any hurdles?
My girls and I arrived at the location a little later than anticipated, which meant the light was starting to be harsh. Besides that, the girls weren’t in the best of moods on this particular morning. I realized pretty soon that those sweet sister shots that I had envisioned weren’t going to happen, so I decided to divide and conquer by splitting them up. This is pretty typical for me. I tend to have a vision of what I want to create, but it hardly ever works out that way. I’ve learned to look for the opportunities when things just aren’t going the way I want, and to go with the flow.
Your best photographer/session advice?
Shoot what you love and what stirs you, not what you think you ought to. Don’t make the mistake of comparing yourself with other photographers.  Don’t overthink it, don’t be afraid to play and never forget to enjoy the process.
 What gear was used to achieve these?
I used my Canon 6D and my canon 135mm 2.0 lens for this session.
dearphotographersession_01 dearphotographersession_02 dearphotographersession_04 dearphotographersession_09 dearphotographersession_05 dearphotographersession_13 dearphotographersession_08 dearphotographersession_03 dearphotographersession_10 dearphotographersession_14
About the photographer:
I am a self-taught lifestyle and fine art photographer located in Connecticut, where I live with my husband and 3 children.  When my children were little I was in need of a creative outlet, so I began photographing the world around me. My children naturally became my muses and I am continually inspired to capture the magic of their childhood. My photography is a blend of spontaneous moments and stories I wish to tell. I am drawn to the play between light and shadow and quiet, thoughtful moments.