COLLABORATION |Keziah Kelsey + Lauren Wright, Photographing a Mom and baby

COLLABORATION |Keziah Kelsey + Lauren Wright, Photographing a Mom and baby
Tell us a bit about your approach to the work you do, your time in the business and a few personal facts about you.

KK – I’ve been in business officially for a little over 3 years but have been photographing for over 20. I began when I inherited a Zeiss from my grandfather, a world war 2 veteran who documented the medical camps with it. I approach my work with a sense of empathy and love as I enter people’s homes, families, and hearts to make honest portraits of the truth of this season of their life. I try to be very present with them; attentive to their ways, their affections and the moments that count.

LW-I’m a dream catcher, not only in my personal approach to life but in my professional world of creating images as well. I live for catching moments that disappear all too quickly, for somehow capturing a moment that only those involved actually felt, unaware that others saw it. Small tangible details that I first see through my lens, then get to see again when editing is what excites me. This is why I make photographs. I’ve really only begun to find my voice and I think that my daughter helps bring this emotive and nostalgic side out in me. I see me in her. When I see her joys and remember my own growing up, it makes me feel what I am seeing through my camera. I want others to see it as well.


Tell us about your feelings regarding community and other photographers?

KK- I love our community; I have many very good photographer friends, they make up the majority of both my friend group and my client group! With any large community, there can be difficulties and conflicts and photography is not immune to that. I’ve experienced troubles in our community as well but overall I believe in a surplus mentality. There’s always enough to go around so we can all afford to share. I love connecting with people who get the ups and downs of being in a small business and also being an artist. It’s a unique set of joys and woes and having friends who really get it can really make life easier on tough days.

LW- What a community I feel as though I have found! I have my niche. I have my small group of photographers I know and can turn to for true advise, free from judgment and free from fear of competition. I think that is hard to come by in such a large pool of talent. I’m somewhat of a guarded person, I hesitate at first to share but the overwhelming support & truth of this community has amazed me (and pulled me out of creative blocks many times :)). For this I am so thankful.

What was the experience collaborating with another artist?

KK- Lauren and I have collaborated together before so we didn’t really find too many difficulties in setting this up. I adore Lauren’s photographic voice; so based in sensation and detail. I found shooting together to heighten my own awareness of the textures and details, while also enjoying the camaraderie that having a friend along lends. Shooting together helps the whole session feel more like a coffee talk with friends, relaxes the subject and gives a sense of intimacy that can be hard won sometimes.

LW- This isn’t the first time I have shot with Keziah, I took her on as a mentor last winter and she arranged a learning session that we shot together. This was SO hard for me, I was completely out of my comfort zone but also eager to learn. One of my most favorite images ever created came from that session!

Were there any hurdles?

KK- We definitely wound up cropping each other’s arms and toes out of a lot of frames! HA! I think the biggest hurdle was definitely just the physical space. We are both close shooters, so there were moments in the session where we’d be shoulder to shoulder working. Our other major hurdle was scheduling; we both book out fairly far in advance and are working moms juggling school runs and households so finding a date on both our calendars with good light was a super challenge!!

LW-  I felt an initial uncertainty how the session would flow, not wanting to step in the way of her thought or vision and visa-versa. Scheduling was a little tricky too:)

Your best photographer/session advice? How would you approach sharing the same subject with another artist?

KK- I think, like any session, approach with a combination of planning and intent ( what do I want to make today?) and the openness to feel inspired by your subject, the light and locational details. I am always very inspired by water and Lauren rolled with it, she was taken with some fluffy dandelion bush things and we shot there for a while as well. I think allowing yourself the flexibility to just be like, ‘oh I love that, lets try and work with it!’ lets you break your own boundaries and create something amazing.
Sharing a subject is kind of a moot idea, we all share basics. It’s fun to work side by side and see another person grind their gears as they think about the same set of information as you but differently/ It’s inspiring to try and expand as you incorporate their want list and your own into a session.

LW- Know what you want to get from your session. I truly believe that sharing a client with another artist will be difficult for some, but for others, if you can find a complimentary voice in this crazy, creative field then you are fortunate. Collaborate as much as you can when you find that.

What gear was used to achieve these?

KK- I shoot with a Canon Mark3, sigma 35 ART 1.4
LW- I use a Nikon D750 with a Sigma Art 20 mm 1.4

Will you collaborate with more artist in the future, if yes Who would be on your list to work with?

KK- I would definitely do it again!! A dream list of collaborators? hmmmmm, that’s a super tough one! I’d love to work with Justyna Butler, Devon Hall, Tatum Pfieffer, Candice Zugich.. I could go on!

LW- I have not yet considered collaborating with other artists , I think i would need to have an existing relationship with that person, as I do with Keziah. I think to have another intensely creative individual work along side you in your coveted space requires deep trust and appreciation for the other and what they create as well. I believe that is rare. I would certainly collaborate again with her!

K E Z I A H ‘S  G A L L E R Y




L A U R E N’S  G A L L E R Y 




K E Z I A H  K E L S E Y 
Keziah Kelsey is a former art educator, an artist, and fine art photographer, in 2014 she pivoted from high concept styled shoots in the fashion world to intimate, raw, and real portraits of family, motherhood, and childhood as she began her own family journey. Her photography business has grown from a side hustle to full time and has deepened in tune with the seasons in her life. She now offers full service, end to end professional photography as well as mentoring, classes, and workshops for budding photographers.

She has recently been honored with 1st place in the 2017 Shoot & Share competition and is a member of NAPW, the Motherhood Society, PPA and a Click Pro. Her work has been shown at multiple, international galleries and published extensively in the last few years.

W E B S I T E | I N S T A G R A M | F A C E B O O K

L A U R E N  W R I G H T  

I am a Mother, a Wife, and an Artist. I love each hat I wear equally. They each teach me something new every day, and what I learn I like to bring into my work.
I struggle and dig deep every day for what makes me happy with my art. I actually crave (in a weird way) the struggle of keeping my mind feeling creative and heart filled with joy from my work. I want to constantly create & feel the rush of seeing an image perfectly depict a moment or intimate detail that only those in the image experienced but now is tangible and felt just by viewing it.

W E B S I T E | I N S T A G R A M F A C E B O O K 



Is this session personal work or client work?

This session is client work. The mama wanted to secure one of my intimate motherhood sessions so we took a nice little trip out to Boerne to capture the love between her and her son.

Tell us a bit about the magic of summer + the connection to your lens?

Shannon reached out to me to secure one of my intimate motherhood sessions. She wanted to capture the raw beauty of breastfeeding her son, Laiken and their relationship. Her concern was that he was nearing 2 years old, and these beautiful moments between them would soon pass. We went out to a local nature center and headed to the creek. He was scared of the water at first, but to loosen him up Shannon carried him and loved on him. Once he was ready to nurse Shannon and Laiken stripped and I stood back and captured the connection between this mama and her son.

What about this session makes it an Epic summer session?

This is an epic summer session because it captures the wild, raw, vulnerable and powerful moments of motherhood and nature. This mother and her son were so in love, and their love shines through these images.

What else is on your summer bucket list to photograph this summer?

I am dying to capture an expecting mama in the nude!

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon 6D, Canon 35mm 1.4

Any summer tips or photographer advice?

My only tips are not to pose, possibly direct, but look to capture those little moments – the ones that people forget after a while. The brush of their hair, that quick squeeze or snuggle, the way mama looks at her babies. Capture the memories that matter



Hi, my name is Vanessa Mendez. I got started in photography at the end of 2015 and was immersed in birth photography. Through 2016 I worked to find my style, speciality, and love. It took me all year to really figure myself out as a photographer and I am still learning and working hard every single day. I found that I have a passion for capturing raw and emotion filled moments between families and especially mothers. My inspiration comes from my own heart as a mama of two. I have been married to my amazing, wonderful, handsome and sweet husband for 5 years in October. We have two beautiful and talented kids, Ava who is 6 and Ezra who is almost 3. I also work as a Mortgage Loan Officer for a Bank, so I am balancing a lot, but photography is worth it!

W E B S I T E | F A C E B O O K | I N S T A G R A M  1 +

P I N T E R E S T | E M A I L 

#p52radness Monthly Epic Share

#p52radness Monthly Epic Share

“The trouble is, you think you have time.”

Jack Kornfiel

I’ll start with that, and share that I totally butchered that quote as I thought it was problem and not trouble. I am not someone who is afraid to admit her mistakes. So there you go. This quote speaks on so many multiple levels currently.

The project continues to fill the hearts of all of us. Being present is hard, getting in the frame is even harder. Take a little time in the week, commit to one hr of trying to take a self portrait, join our group. The encouragement never ends there.

Here’s a super small May collection, because life.


ABBY KENNAN@abbykennan

ANGELA DORAN @angela.doran

JESSICA EHLEN @jessica_ehlen

LEAH MOORE@leahmoorephoto

MONICA HART @monicaannhart

COURTNEY WILSON Courtney_Wilson_self_Portrait







Monthly Epic share of Self Portraits | #p52radness

Monthly Epic share of Self Portraits | #p52radness


“A woman  must find time for herself. Time is what we spend our lives with. If we are not careful we find others spending it for us. . . . It is necessary now and then for a woman to go away by herself and experience loneliness; to sit on a rock in the forest and to ask of herself, ‘Who am I, and where have I been, and where am I going?’ . . . If one is not careful, one allows diversions to take up one’s time—the stuff of life.”
― Carl Sandburg 




Of self portraits. I’m sharing that quote to serve as a reminder, whether you have children or not. Alone time is OK. I have yet to attempt another round of solo self portraits, and I can say with certainty that they make me reflect so much. As I sit there looking at myself in the camera , having all of the tiny pangs of self hate and loathing, I am able to think of myself for a second, to look at my features and examine and as I most often do,  make a list  in my head of the things I would change about myself . Still I welcome solo self portraits as my alone time, not only physically but mentally.

So many of us have called photos with our children cheating, as we are able to hide behind hugs and giggles.  So I want to challenge you to take a solo self portrait if you haven’t already. Feel the bareness . & take it all in.

song recommendation : Sara Bareilles , She used to be mine.


TAMARAH HODGSON fbDSC_0796ADRIENNE LOUISE33727995992_7915c6965c_oMEGAN BOGGS Megan Boggs - honey + co. photography

ADRI DE LA CRUZ Chicago familyand newborn photography (1 of 1)-8BECCI RAVERA IMG_1985.jpgANNMARIE DENIS 2017-04-22_0005CAMILLE ARNERCamille_Arner_P52

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NINA MARTINEZ Processed with VSCO with tk presetMARISSA ROSEILLER _N5A4383_forP52ASHLEY ESSIG 13 2

KATIE DECKER lifestyle-portrait-katie-decker-photography-boca-ratonASHLEY MARSTON ash