BE INSPIRED Session | Feature by Sarah Gupta

approach my photography much like how I approach a painting.I am a painter and illustrator first. Photography came to me about 7 years ago after realizing that I did not have the time to paint or draw anymore. I was working full time and traveling a lot. Creating art is a part of who I am. I needed to find a way to express myself more quickly than sitting down and producing a painting. Because I am a painter, I am drawn to fine art. I have been learning and teaching myself through much trial and error with editing techniques how to produce the images that I want through photography. Each photo I take I already know how I want to edit it and what I want it to look like before I press the shutter button.

Dear Photographer | Feature by Ana Myer

Please don’t ever lose yourself again. But if you ever do, remember only when you are your genuine self can you truly create and love. Only when you love yourself you can be that person. Listen to the whisper of your soul and you can do anything. You are strong and capable. You are not who you have been told you are by society, by your critical self. You are who you choose to be. Always choose you.


Dear Katie at 29 years old sitting in your office cubicle with your headset answering customer calls, completely miserable and missing your newborn baby~ things will get better. You will find your passion, you won’t be stuck at this job forever. Just hang in there, you know this isn’t what you were meant to do and you’re worried that you’ll never find something you truly want to do for a living, but you will. At 29, you are just beginning your adult life and have a lot of learning and growth ahead of you.