Wild & Free Theme Top Honors & Features | Chosen by Facebook Guest Judge Twist & Shutter Photography


“Inside all of us is a wild thing.” – Where The Wild Things Are

What an incredible week! Thanks to everyone that shared their “Wild & Free’ images. I loved seeing all of your amazing interpretations and would post them all if I could! Thanks for letting me join in the fun. – Cassandra

Here is my Top Honors pick, followed by a few that really stood out to me this week!



Jennifer Lappe Photography

I love the muted tones in this one, especially those gorgeous greens. The grain is film-y perfection. That adorable dress and the hair movement are just added bonuses!


Wild Iris Photography

Freelensing has a special place in my heart! I love the deep black and white tones in this share, and that amazing bokeh. High five.


Twyla Jones Photography

I love that we get such a small peek at the subject, but feel so much emotional impact. Beautiful moody tones and framing, Twyla!

13123227_10207452332480723_98235227783510222_o (1)

Jodi Lynn Photography

How beautiful is the golden light in this share? I love the interaction between siblings, and those gorgeous rolling hills behind them.


Kimberley Kufaas Photography

I love the west coast, and this image perfectly depicts how wild and beautiful it is. Great use of negative space and movement!


Solas Images

Such a gorgeous black & white conversion! I love how the light emphasizes the subject’s wind blown hair and dress texture. This is timeless.

BE INSPIRED Session featuring Twist & Shutter Photography


Is this personal work or client work ?

This is personal work. Do you ever feel the itch to create? The need to grab your camera and get out there? This was one of those days. I’m very lucky to have met a photographer in my area who is up for an adventure at a moment’s notice, and makes for a lovely model as well.

What about this session was most memorable?

The location! My fiance actually stumbled across the location and mentioned it to me as a possible shooting spot. Ocean, beautiful rocks with waves crashing, interesting caves, and an abandoned house? Basically photographer perfection.

Were there any hurdles?

We had some weather struggles. First of all, it was REALLY cold. We had a sweater ready between shots, but the wind was really strong and absolutely freezing. I was also going for a moody/stormy feel to these, and it turned into a fairly bright day. Some of the moodiness needed to be enhanced in post.

Your best photographer/session advice?

Don’t forget why you started taking pictures! Is it to capture your children growing up? Is it to satisfy your creative urges? Keep going back to what makes you happy, and don’t worry about what everyone else is doing.

What gear was used to achieve these?

Canon Mark III + 35L. The dream team!

Model is Kimberley Kufaas – check out her photography, it’s beautiful!

Dress is Leah Marie Couture.


About the photographer:

Cassandra Casley is a natural light photographer living on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. She is inspired by the wild west coast of BC to create outdoor portraits and lifestyle images that reflect the beauty within us and all around us. She’s a mom to one very sweet boy (and fellow adventure buddy), a coffee lover, and an Instagram addict.

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